Why 明博体育?

Our customers are diverse in their expectations and the businesses they engage in, so are their reasons for choosing 明博体育。But the one thing they have in common is that they are happy with their decision to work with us。

Gartner peer insights Customer Choice 2022

Over the years, 明博体育 has been ranked as one of the highest rated vendors in the industry in Gartner's annual peer review surveys。 This was the case in all regions。明博体育 is the only technology provider that offers full hosting, which makes customer reviews even more meaningful。

The Gartner report is available here
Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice
Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice
Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice

Create an "all-in-one" experience for SD-WAN and SASE:

Provide technology, global backbone network, hosting integrated services

The traditional way for enterprise customers is to purchase technology from a supplier and then develop consumable services by telecom service providers, operators, hosting service providers (MSPS) and system integrators. This way leads to long deployment time, complicated contracts, cumbersome troubleshooting, and bucking each other once problems occur。All this impedes agility and results in a poor experience。The problem is compounded by global deployments。

明博体育s takes a unique and advanced approach to providing comprehensive services such as proprietary network and security technology, global network, multi-cloud POP architecture, flexible hosting, etc., to provide customers with a seamless, integrated experience and full responsibility!

"Go beyond" customer support and service

Some people see 明博体育 as a technology provider, others as a service provider, but the quality of the customer's experience with 明博体育's services and the seamless running of their business support are most important。明博体育 offers 24x7 global NOC, support and monitoring capabilities with a strong focus on customer experience. We are not a provider that just drops a bunch of hardware off to the customer for someone else to manage。While 明博体育 is known for providing highly personalized, white-glove, high-performance services, the introduction of SmartConnect EZ takes 明博体育's support and services to a much lower level。Such flexible services and rich product offerings make 明博体育 attractive to customers who need to replace traditional MPLS and Internet deployments with a cost-effective, reliable solution for handling non-critical sites and applications。

Customers value this flexibility and give it a very high net recommendation score (NPS) and general approval。

"How about 明博体育 support? 三个字:棒极了! 我不知道你们从哪里招的员工,不过我从未遇到过工作如此勤奋、如此专注、如此高效的员工。 And they put themselves in the customer's shoes。 What do we have to do with them。 All we had to do was say what we needed, and they would come up with solutions from our point of view。"

John DeBella, Infrastructure Manager, Premium Sound Solutions

SD-WAN and SASE cloud-first architecture, convenient, easy to use, flexible architecture

Ceos and CIOs are facing an unprecedented pace of change and uncertainty, exacerbated by the global pandemic。 Applications moving to cloud and hybrid environments, workforce changes and hybrid workplaces, and the consumerization of the enterprise all require a highly flexible technology stack that can quickly adapt to changing business requirements。 Traditional MPLS networks, traditional piles of complex hardware, multiple parallel architectures, and outdated response times of telecom providers will all be obsolete。

明博体育's cloud-first SD-WAN and SASE use an integrated architecture that is designed to adapt to these requirements。 In most cases, you can respond to changes in business requirements in real time, and service changes can be made at ease with minimal disruption to the business。 Convenience, ease of use, consumability, and the ability to change on demand are all characteristics of 明博体育's cloud-first approach。

Super class "LAN-like" application experience based on WAN, providing 5X9 SLAs worldwide!

Delivering a LAN-like experience over a WAN is a challenge for even the largest telecom service providers。 To achieve consistent performance across the globe with a SLA of 99.At 999%, it's incredibly difficult。 明博体育, with its global L2/L3 dedicated core network, proprietary WAN, optimization and applications, link assurance technology, active monitoring, and 24X7 hosted services, is well equipped to provide every application with the network performance experience it deserves。

Via the public Internet

Through 明博体育 private core network

"Traditional methods cannot solve our network problems。 明博体育 solves this problem perfectly by providing a LAN network for our international, remote employees。”

Fosun IT department

Our POP network brings incredible global connectivity (including China)

明博体育's point-of-entry (POP) network relies on 明博体育s FleXcoreTM, a dual-layer L2 and L3 private backbone network, to provide unprecedented global coverage,With extremely high application performance predictability and availability,And a SLa-based service delivery。明博体育 is available for all business site, home office, mobile office users and office workers,Provide them with flexible connectivity,Solid security and superior application experience,So they can work together anywhere in the world,Increase productivity,Including huge markets and manufacturing centers like China。

"After deploying 明博体育, the IT problems in China completely disappeared and [our application] speed increased by about two times。”

Miguel Palmela,
ITransitos de Extremadura S.A. (Lisboa) IT Manager

For enterprises to provide "fusion" SD-WAN and SASE

Global companies are accelerating their adoption of cloud technologies, modernizing their technology stacks, workflows, and strategies, and accelerating their digital transformation。And that's not going to happen overnight. It's not going to be easy to solve decades of old technology。To this end, 明博体育 provides a very flexible architecture and workflow for the enterprise and its partner ecosystem, which can be used selectively by enterprises at any stage of transformation。 This is the power of the "integrated" approach, as opposed to the "single/independent" approach。

When IT goes smoothly, the transformation becomes easier!

明博体育 works very well

Alex Duncan
Co-founder and Head of Product at KAWO